Monday, 23 December 2019

£500+ In a Matter of Minutes!

Hello fellow Fire Fans!

Wanted to share a quick post about a great money saving hack that I did recently!

One of the quickest ways to achieve FIRE is trying to save money wherever possible and then investing the difference.

Keeping this in mind I wanted to let you know how me and my wife will be using our mobile network plans completely free for 2 years as well as earning an extra £208.15!

Easy Money!

Let me go through how we did it:
  • Bought 2 new (24 month) contracts from Mobile Phones Direct at an effective monthly line rental of £3.50 each (normal line rental of £20, however ‘cashback by redemption’ saves us £16.50 a month)
  • Each contract came with a free phone: Honor 20 Lite
  • Using cashback sites Quidco and TopCashback paid us £45.00 & £46.20

Sold the phones on eBay and after fees and postage got £150.73 and £134.22
Cashback totals
+ £91.20
Line rental = £3.50p/m x 2 SIMs = £7.00p/m x 24 months
- £168.00
This makes an impressive
= £208.15

However, there’s more!!

Cancelled our previous tariffs of £6.14 p/m each x 2 SIMs = £12.28 p/m x 24 months
= Saving of £294.72

£208.15 + £294.72£502.87

We are therefore up by £502.87! (it only took a matter of minutes to sign up for the new contracts) and will both be using our 2 new SIMs for FREE for the next 24 months!

Not bad huh?!

There were lots of offers on Black Friday (which is when we bought these). If your mobile phone contracts are coming to an end, I’d highly recommend checking online, I’m sure there will be lots of new offers and opportunities to make some money come this Boxing day!

Finally, I’d just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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